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Mandarin Chinese Immersion

Communicate with the World!

In the Mandarin Chinese pathway, students' education is integrated with a foreign language. This early development has been proven as the easiest way to learn a language. Students are taught their core subjects - with the exception of English - in their second language. Immersion begins in Kindergarten, and this pathway, our youngest, is currently growing each year to offer a full program.

Students starting in Kindergarten may apply for the Schools of Choice lottery for Chinese Immersion. Students with previous language experience may be admitted in later grades. Contact Schools of Choice for more information.

Chinese Immersion 5th grade students will apply for Middle School Immersion at Paul Breaux Middle.



Why Mandarin Chinese Immersion?

Mandarin Chinese Immersion at Plantation Elementary

There are so many good reasons to give the gift of language to your child!

Mandarin Chinese is a "Critical Language" according to the Federal Government. This means the US needs competent speakers of Chinese language in government positions. Choosing this opportunity for your child increases their career opportunities!


Brain Power? Check!

Language Immersion has consistently been proven to:

  • Build stronger students

            - Bilingual students have better problem-solving skills.

            - Bilingual students achieve generally higher results than one-language peers.

  • Grow healthy brain tissue

            - Bilingual people recover from stroke more quickly than others.
            - Bilingual people have later onset of Alzheimer's & dementia.


  • Build character

            - Bilingual students have been shown to demonstrate more empathy & acceptance.
            - Bilingual people have heightened cultural experiences when traveling.


Enriching life experiences? Check!

Learning in this exciting environment gives students the opportunity to become familiar with people from other cultures.

Students learn about world culture in an intimate way that sticks with them for life.

Students may even make friends on the other side of the globe!

Benefits? Why yes!

  • Student led, engaging educational option
  • Integrated, challenging curriculum
  • Higher salaries and more career options


What does the future hold?

Growing our Mandarin Immersion will mean greater benefits for all students involved, including:

  • Mandarin students will be put on the map through highlighting their achievement levels
  • More availability of challenging coursework.
  • Graduation honors for completing the Mandarin Immersion pathway [currently under construction].


How do I enroll MY child?

Mandarin Immersion begins in Kindergarten.