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J. Wallace James Arts Elementary

Lafayette's First School of Choice

James has no school zone, and is populated entirely by children who have chosen to attend the school. In this nurturing Pre-K through 5 success-oriented school dedicated to excellence in academics, technology and the arts, students are engaged in a combination of exciting special programs.

Specialists in the areas of technology and visual and performing arts are full-time members of the professional staff. Skills in technology and the arts are taught in combination with a strong academic emphasis. In addition to an outstanding curriculum, exposure to the arts and hands-on experience in technology, J. Wallace James Elementary offers students the opportunity to continue their pursuit of the arts as they move on to middle school.

Technology and The Arts

Computers make learning come alive and create learning experiences that have not been possible until this time. Technology and education are a powerful combination.

At James, students become involved in all aspects of technology, with access to a computer lab, an in-house television studio, Internet access in every classroom and multimedia capabilities.

In addition to the technology education available at James, the school also houses an art complex, dance studio, and production and performance areas. In addition to regular physical education classes, students participate in a variety of movement activities which are a further extension of the arts experience. Students with no previous art or music instruction are welcome. Our music program includes vocal and choral training, music appreciation, instrument training, strings/piano, and performance opportunities.

We also offer theater production and performance, and professional art instruction for all students to include drawing and painting, printmaking, pottery, sculpture and crafts. James also offers extended day services, which begin two hours before the first bell and continue two hours after the last bell. Students in the extended day program receive academic tutoring and enrichment in technology and the arts.