Career and Leadership Pathway

Career and Leadership Academies have four distinct features. They:

  •  are organized as smaller learning communities to create a supportive, personalized learning environment;
  •  combine academic career and technical curricula around a career theme;
  •  establish partnerships with local employers to provide career awareness and work-based learning opportunities;
  •  will strengthen leadership and communication skills.


Students participate in a communication focused academy for Broadcasting and Journalism. This includes a radio station using student composed shows in an actual radio studio. The academy will prepare students for the post high school world of work in one of Louisiana's ever-growing media industries or acceptance into a university's journalism or communications school.

Are you interested in owning your own business? Working as a travel agent? Crunching numbers as an accountant? Cooking in one of the area's many restaurants? In the Academy of Business, students have the option of studying Finance, Hospitality, or Tourism. In each specialty area students study a curriculum designed by industry experts, enter competitions to enhance and demonstrate their knowledge and skills, interact with local business leaders, work toward industry-based certifications, participate in job shadowing, and complete an internship. With one-to-one computer classrooms, a state-of-the-art culinary training facility, and opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, the Academy of Business is an exciting choice for students.        

Early College Academy          
Incoming freshmen  have a chance to attend high school on a college campus. This academy allows students to take their high school level classes to earn their Louisiana diploma, while taking college credit courses with college students to earn their associate degree. There are no college tuition fees for students.

Students may choose to attend either the Air Force JROTC Academy at Acadiana High or the Navy JROTC Academy at Comeaux High. Both academies will offer students the skills of leadership, discipline, problem-solving, citizenship, and cooperation which are infused throughout the Academy's classes. The attitude and atmosphere prepares graduates to become leaders in today's world. JROTC provides a constructive yet disciplined learning environment to produce successful, productive citizens.

The Academy of Legal Studies is designed for students interested in careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, public administration, and law.  Students participate in cooperative project-based learning situations and have collaboration with current legal entities, including lawyers, judges, and legal assistants.  Opportunities exist for participation in Mock Trial competitions.

Technology is infused in every career aspiration and in future careers that do not currently exist.  Informatics will integrate real world learning experiences in technology including data management, marketing, health, system applications, and entertainment.  Information technology continues to develop the skills needed for the digital workforce including digital graphics, web designing, application development, animations, and video gaming design.