STEM Pathway

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics apply to almost every career field from mechanics to forensic science to digital art to environmental sciences and graphics design. Building solar cars, launching student-made hot air balloons, building marshmallow towers, designing a tiny house, or designing egg drop vehicles are just some of the activities students participate in with this pathway.

Environmental sciences also follow the STEM pathway. In these courses, students are offered an opportunity to explore the careers available in a fast-growing field. Students learn about current environmental issues, the causes of these issues, and what can be done to prevent or reduce the impact on our environment.

Technology courses cover a wide range of topics. Networking, computer maintenance, digital graphics, animation, video, web mastering, C++ are just some of the areas of instructions STEM students can learn. All STEM students have access to state-of-the-art technology in this pathway. Our students also learn first-hand about the numerous career possibilities in STEM.