The Academy of Business at Acadiana High

The mission of the Acadiana High School Academy of Business is to equip students with practical business knowledge and communication skills necessary to have an immediate competitive edge in post-secondary education and/or the workforce.  This academy is an affiliate of the National Academy Foundation.

The Academy provides students with a rigorous academic curriculum, while exposing them to the varied career paths and opportunities available in the fields of finance, hospitality, and tourism. In each focused area, students study a curriculum designed by industry experts, enter competitions to enhance and demonstrate their knowledge and skills, interact with local business leaders, work toward industry-based certifications, participate in job shadowing, and complete an internship. With one-to-one computer classrooms, a state-of-the-art culinary training facility, and opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, the Academy of Business is an exciting choice for students!

In addition to coursework, competitions, and certifications, Academy students wear professional dress weekly and participate in career readiness activities throughout their years in the program. Students are also offered other opportunities, including working as an IRS Volunteer Tax Preparer or as a teller for the school branch of the Lafayette Schools' Credit Union, visiting colleges throughout the state, and traveling to New York City during their senior year. Through these experiences, students connect their classroom experience to the real-world business setting, make valuable career choices, and develop the skills necessary to succeed in today's workplace.