Arts Pathway

Students who wish to pursue the arts are provided with unique opportunities to enhance their academic learning experiences.  Starting with Pre-K and continuing through their high school years, students in the arts academies have an opportunity to strive for academic excellence and expand their curious minds.  The various arts curricula expose students to project-based learning and creative problem-solving while fostering a lifelong passion for the arts.

During their years of participation in the LPSS arts studies, students experience the interconnectivity of the art disciplines through performances, competitions, creative group dynamics and collaboration.  The arts academies have a long history of providing quality arts education to our students.

As students approach their final years in high school, they begin to tailor their creative experiences and talents to focus on specific fields of artistic study, such as: music theory, visual arts history, theater production and set design, sculpture, graphic design, painting, drawing, chorus, performance art, photography, guitar, and show choir.  With these offerings, students receive specialized instruction and are able to further develop their creativity and talent to be successful in post-secondary endeavors.