Environmental Sciences at Lafayette Middle

Lafayette Middle School offers a curriculum in  STEM and Environmental Sciences that gives students a chance to learn about plants and animals, and how they work together to create an ecosystem. They can learn about life cycles by maintaining worm farms, or study growth patterns of Louisiana flora by planting and nurturing their own plants.

Saving Our Coastline

Lafayette Middle School students participate in wetlands restoration projects in areas like Grand Isle and Fifi Island every year. Students raise seedlings of plants that can grip and hold soil and sand, recreating ground that has been lost. As students learn about the science behind coastal loss, they also participate in the solution.

Hands-on Learning

Students have an outdoor classroom which overlooks their own wetlands installation on campus. There is a swamp, complete with cypress trees and indigenous plantings, to give students authentic learning experiences in the environmental sciences.

Community Partnerships

Lafayette Middle School has formed alliances with the National Wetlands Research Center and other agencies located locally. The professionals at these agencies work with students to give them a real-world perspective on the subjects they are taking. Our scientist partners also work with students on their wetlands projects, to ensure their work is beneficial to the areas we are rehabilitating.

Students who complete the Environmental Sciences middle school academy have a pathway priority to David Thibodaux STEM High School.

For more information about the program, call LMS at 337-521-7900