The Academy of Visual & Applied Arts at Comeaux High


This academy offers specialized instruction to students with an interest in careers in the visual and applied arts. The visual arts including design, drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, ceramics, and photography, along with the applied arts of graphic design, digital media, various levels of Adobe credentialing, are the focus of our rigorous and creative curriculum. Art History and Art Criticism, and Advanced Placement Studio Portfolio courses in 2 Dimensional, 3 Dimensional, and Drawing are also offered at the Academy of Visual and Applied Arts.
Careers in the visual and applied arts include: graphic artist, illustrator, set designer, potter/ ceramics artist, painter, photographer, camera operator, architect, cartoonist, art appraiser, industrial designer, web designer, director, story board designer, museum professional, art critic, and many others.
The Academy of Visual and Applied Arts curriculum is based on the standard TOPS recommended curriculum, which equips students with the skills they need to seek higher education and/or enter the workforce.

Leonard Bernstein Artful Learning And Lincoln Center Education, New York

The AVAA at Ovey Comeaux High School utilizes the Leonard Bernstein Artful Learning curriculum to create art infused lessons for students following the composer’s philosophy, which was that children will achieve more if they are excited and engaged in their learning.

Selected OCHS Core faculty have also been involved in intense arts integration training utilizing the Lincoln Center Education programs designed for educators throughout the United States and the Global Community. Bernstein Artful Learning and Lincoln Center Education, both based in New York, provide the best in arts integration methodologies for our faculty which is realized in the Ovey Comeaux High School classrooms.

In our academy, the arts are integrated across the curriculum, meaning that designated integration teachers use the arts to teach all subjects. Academy of Visual and Applied Arts students take classes in teams or cohorts and share core curriculum teachers. This enables Team teachers to meet weekly to discuss student progress and address specific student needs, as well as schedule enrichment activities such as field trips to local Art Museums, exhibition opportunities, community service projects, and cross curricular projects.