David Thibodaux STEM Academy Middle School

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math applies to almost every career field from mechanics to forensic science to digital art and graphic design. By using an interdisciplinary approach, the STEM Academy offers students an opportunity to interact on a regular basis with the elements of real world problems that surround them daily. Middle school students are exposed to our five High School pathways in their elective classes and in all content areas.

Within the Science curriculum students are building solar cars, launching student made hot air balloons, building marshmallow towers or designing egg drop vehicles. Science becomes more relevant in student's lives. Environmental science courses allow students to conduct toxicology and watershed experiments and become stewards of the environment. Students have the opportunity to discover career opportunities that exist when a strong base in science, technology, engineering and math concepts are developed.

DTSMA courses contain state-of-the-art technology and use interactive whiteboards, ipads and chromebooks that connect teachers and students electronically. Lessons are enhanced by computer labs that kids may use daily. Certain courses use software that is a combination of text, graphics, video and hands-on components to allow each student to perform using his or her best learning style.

Engineering focuses on preparing students for college curriculum with a strong math emphasis. Using the design process allows students to learn how to define a problem, create a solution for the problem and effectively present/market that solution to the public. Students can use this process in every class that they take at the STEM Academy. Students can also further develop their engineering skills by participating in the robotics program, which allows students to use their technical knowledge, creative skills and critical thinking.

Students learn more than just how to work math problems. They focus on how math is used and applied in real world situations. To support this goal, the academy offers advanced math courses that allow students to conduct simulations and use equipment like Texas Instruments Nspire calculators.

A STEM Magnet Student has the opportunity to develop into an observant, persistent risk-taker and problem solver and becomes curious about how things work. They are encouraged to develop a passion for investigating and are asked to work hard to achieve their goals.

Technology courses cover a wide range of topics. Networking, computer maintenance, digital graphics, web mastering and video design are all available to the High School student.

Students who enter David Thibodaux STEM Magnet High School through the Environmental Science pathway will not be disappointed. Students learn by exploring environment issues through project-based learning.

Application Requirements:

*Complete an applicaiton at www.lafayettechoice.come/apply (or click the Apply Now button on the left).

*Attend a STEM information session at our school, which includes a campus tour.  This is a mandatory part of the application process to be placed in the lottery.