Mandarin Chinese Immersion at Cpl. Michael Middlebrook Elementary

Speak an Important International Language

Bravo! Choosing an immersion experience for your child gives them distinct advantages for the rest of their lives. In this environment, students’ brains make more connections enabling them to think more creatively and become excellent problem-solvers. Students in immersion environments generally outperform students in traditional classrooms on standardized tests and have increased social skills. They grow healthy brain tissue which will keep their brains active and alert for a longer period of their lives! An investment in immersion is an investment in well-being and achievement.

Students are instructed in English plus Mandarin Chinese during their K-5 learning journey. In immersion environments, students are exposed to a minimum of 60% of their day in the target language selected. They learn math, science, social studies, Mandarin Chinese, English language arts, culture, plus much more.

Students, whose primary home language is not English, applying to an immersion academy, must be screened by the LPSS ESL Department’s staff in order to be eligible. Students who would benefit from ESL services will have their application considered for acceptance on a year to year basis.

Immersion is not only for the best and brightest. Immersion is for every child.

Some other benefits include:

  • Entry points in Kindergarten and 1st grade via the Magnet Academies Lottery;
  • Opportunity to earn the Seal of Bi-literacy, an academic endorsement for their high school diploma;
  • And the possible free language course credits when entering a college or university via entrance exams.

Transportation is provided for immersion students throughout the district using designated bus stops.